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What are the effects of thermal resistance on heat conducting materials?

2020-04-20 11:04:16

Thermal conductivity is the most commonly used parameter in our heat conduction heat dissipation industry. It is also a pronoun to express the quality of thermal conductive materials. When we mention "thermal resistance", we will feel a little strange about this word.

1、 Definition of thermal resistance:

When the heat passes through a certain medium in the way of heat conduction, the resistance value encountered by the heat in this medium is called thermal resistance, the unit is K (℃) / W. generally speaking, the larger the thermal conductivity of the thermal conductive material is, the smaller its thermal resistance value is, but the contact area thickness are also one of the factors affecting the thermal resistance. Take the thermal conductive silica gel sheet as an example, because the thermal resistance of air is very high Large, the gap between the heat source the heat sink can be filled by adding a certain amount of heat conduction silica gel sheet to exert a certain pressure. The compressibility of the heat conduction silica gel sheet can only increase the contact area, but also effectively reduce the heat transfer distance the thermal resistance between the heat source the heat sink

2、 Calculation formula of thermal resistance:

The thickness of the heat conducting material is expressed by T, s is the contact area, λ is the heat conducting coefficient. The heat resistance value of the heat conducting material can be obtained by numerical substitution formula. If the greater the heat resistance is, the higher the heat conducting resistance of the material will be, the corresponding heat conducting efficiency will be lower. For the cooling system of electronic products, if there is too much heat resistance between the heat source the cooling device, the shadow will be brought The noise is very large, which is why the heat conduction material must be used as the conduction boundary material in the heat dissipation system. A good heat conduction material can reduce the thermal resistance between the heat source the heat dissipation device, thus greatly improving the heat dissipation efficiency.

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