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What are the four common problems of heat conductive double-sided adhesive?

2020-05-13 11:04:18

What are the four common problems of heat conductive double-sided adhesive? I don't know. Let's have a look with Dongguan Huiqi electronic heat conductive double faced adhesive manufacturer

1. What is the difference between "heat conduction"  "heat dissipation"?

There are three forms of heat transfer: conduction, convection  radiation. Conduction is a kind of heat transfer method which is produced by the temperature difference between the contact objects  different parts of the same object,  the heat transfer of double-sided heat transfer adhesive transfers heat  high temperature to low temperature. Heat dissipation is a way of radiating the heat generated by the heat source in the form of convection  radiation  the heat sink to the surrounding environment of the heat sink.

Heat conductive double-sided adhesive

2. How to use heat conductive double-sided adhesive,  to use it?

Generally speaking, if the electronic products you designed can't be equipped with fans  metal heat dissipation in space  position, you can directly contact IC  shell by heat conducting double-sided adhesive,  directly transfer the heat source to the external cold air of the products by means of heat conduction to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.

Heat conductive double-sided adhesive

3. General need to achieve the function of heat dissipation is  to add metal fins?

Due to the hardness of the metal heat sink, if the installation angle  the pressure of the contact surface are uneven when contacting with IC, the heat source will  be able to effectively conduct to the heat sink. If the joint surface of the metal heat sink is equipped with heat conducting double-sided adhesive soft material, the problem of insufficient contact surface can be effectively overcome.

4. How long is the life of heat conductive double faced adhesive?

Our heat conductive double-sided adhesive products with base material silicon rubber are generally recognized as 20 years of service life,  the service life of heat conductive double-sided adhesive is mainly determined by the service life of silicon rubber.



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