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How to make the function of thermal conductive silicon film more efficient?

2020-02-24 12:10:47

How to make the function of thermal conductive silicon film more efficient?

Before choosing thermal conductive silicon wafer, many factors should be considered, such as electronic product structure, thermal conductivity, size, thickness, thermal resistance expected effect.

Generally, in the early stage of structural design of electronic products, thermal conductive silicon film will be considered to be incorporated into the design. Under different requirements use environments, the heat dissipation scheme is different. The heat dissipation scheme selected should be combined with the actual situation to design a reasonable heat dissipation structure, so as to make the thermal conductive silicon film work efficiently.

The choice of the thermal conductivity of the thermal conductive silicon film depends on the effect you expect to achieve. The other one depends on the power consumption of the heat source the heat that can be dissipated by the design of the radiator the cooling structure. According to these requirements, the thermal conductivity of thermal conductive silicon film is selected. The cost of low thermal conductivity is relatively low, on the contrary, the effect of high thermal conductivity is good, but the cost is also high.

For the selection of the thickness of heat-conducting silica gel sheet, the heat dissipation scheme used by the electronic product itself shall be considered. If the heat dissipation structure is selected, the shape structure of the heat dissipation structure on the contact surface shall be considered, the balance shall be made between the design structure the thickness selection of heat-conducting silica film. Thickness selection is also related to the hardness, density, compression ratio other parameters of the product.