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Advantages of thermal conductive gel compared with thermal conductive silicon film

2020-04-17 14:26:42

With the rapid development of science technology, the functions of electronic products have been developing towards integration. The heat conduction circuit board is getting smaller smaller, while the electronic components are getting more more. The heat source of circuit board is too concentrated, the space between the heat sources is different, the shape is different, the power of electronic products is also increasing, so the requirements for heat-conducting materials are higher higher. More more heat conduction problems can be satisfied by a single thickness of thermal conductive silica gel. Hui Chi Electronics - heat conduction gel, thermal conductive silicone film manufacturers for you to analyze:

Before the advent of heat conducting gel, thermal conductive silicone sheet is one of the materials widely used in heat dissipation heat conduction market. It can be said that in the past many years, thermal conductive silicon film has solved a lot of heat conduction problems.


Heat conductive silica gel sheet

In the process of assembly, the heat-conducting silica gel sheet needs a certain assembly pressure, which will inevitably produce a certain stress on the circuit board. In the use scenario requiring extremely low stress, the lower the hardness of the heat-conducting silica gel sheet is, the better. However, in the case of extremely low hardness, the heat-conducting silica gel sheet will appear the situation of mucous membrane, which makes the operation very difficult.

Thermal conductive gel is a new type of thermal conductive material made of silica gel composite thermal conductive fillers, agitated, mixed encapsulated. It adopts dispensing design uses mixing nozzle to make it. At the same time, it can realize automatic production is very convenient.

The advantage of the two component thermal conductive gel is larger than that of the thermal conductive silica gel. The thermal conductive gel can fill various irregular shapes, the assembly stress is very low. After vulcanization, the hardness is very low the expansion coefficient is very small. In comparison, the thermal conductive gel is more diversified in formulation design, can improve the stability of the circuit board.

In terms of material utilization, the heat conduction silica gel will have problems such as unqualified size, cutting edge loss so on during the process of forming cutting. The heat conducting gel can control the dispensing quantity accurately through the automatic dispensing machine, no matter material utilization convenience, it is better than heat conduction sheet.



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