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How to use thermal conductive silicon film correctly?

2020-02-24 12:02:15


How to use thermal conductive silicon film correctly?

1. Keep the surface of thermal conductive silicone film clean to prevent the pollution of thermal conductive silicone film. The self-adhesive sealing thermal conductivity of fouling type thermal conductive silica film will become worse.

2. When the thermal conductive silicone film is maintained, the large thermal conductive silicone film should be grabbed the center part without the need for a smaller thermal conductive silicone film. Due to the uneven load of large thermal conductive silica membrane, it will cause deformation, affect the subsequent operation, even damage the silica membrane.

3. Take the sheet in the left hand tear off the protective film on the right hand. It can tear both sides of the protective film at the same time, reduce the number area of direct contact with the thermal conductive silicone film, maintain the self viscosity thermal conductivity of the thermal conductive silicone film without damage.

4. Remove the side of the protective film facing the radiator. Align the silicone film with the radiator. Slowly put down the heat-conducting silicone film. Be careful to create bubbles.

5. If bubbles appear in the operation, pull up one end of the silica gel film to repeat the above steps, use a tool to gently erase the bubbles. The strength will be too large, so as to damage the conductive silicone film.

6. Tear off the protective film on the other side, put it into the radiator, tear off the last layer of protective film with a small force to avoid pulling up pulling up the thermal conductive silicon film.

7. After tightening using the strong adhesive silicone film, apply a certain amount of pressure to the radiator store for a period of time to ensure that the silicone film is properly fixed.