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How much do you know about the process of making thermal conductive silicon film?

2020-01-03 10:36:46

Now, all kinds of electronic products  electrical appliances are an indispensable part of our life. As for one of the accessories, I think many friends have a simple understanding. It is mainly based on silica gel,  then combined with some metal materials,  then made. It is also installed in the radiator  heat source, in order to be able to keep the temperature in a proper state during the use of electrical appliances. In addition, it also has a wide range of functions, such as filling insulation  so on. For many electrical appliances, it can be used reasonably. How much do you know about the manufacturing process of thermal conductive silicon film?

1. What are the main functions?

Before we understand the manufacturing process of thermal conductive silicon film, let's see its main functions  various aspects. The first is the role of heat conduction, as we said earlier, which can make the radiator  the heat source coexist,  the film plays an auxiliary role in heat conduction; the second is to reduce the human resistance caused by machine friction  so on, because the material itself has the effect of insulation, which is also a key role; In addition,  the perspective of the material itself, because the thickness of the material itself can be adjusted freely,  the hardness is also low, so it can better fill the contact surface, so it can make it better contact, which is also conducive to the stability of the product.

2. What are the production processes?

When it comes to the production process of thermal conductive silicon film, one of the indispensable parts is the production process. The first point is to prepare materials. Silica gel is the main raw material, so we should also pay attention to the quality of the material itself when choosing. Although it is a relatively common material, there are also some inferior materials. When the materials are ready, they are mixed  formed. Professional machinery  technology are adopted to reduce the viscosity of the materials, so as to process  form; In addition, it is curing, which starts  the density of the product itself  all aspects; in the later stage, it is cutting according to the size design, as well as the detection of all aspects of the coefficient.

3. What are the characteristics of the product?

The heat conduction products are constantly updated  improved. Compared with Hengtai, the heat conduction silica gel sheet is more convenient in the test  installation process,  the products can also be reused. Secondly, the performance of the products is relatively stable, adapt to various environments,  also enable the electrical appliances to be in normal working conditions, which shows that the heat conduction effect is also good; Another point is that through the production of some columns, the thermal conductivity  insulation effect can coexist, so that we can see its follow-up  development in technology.

Dongguan Huiqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, sales, production  processing as well as after-sales service. Its products are widely used in the fields of new energy power battery, LED TV, communication equipment, smart phone, server, computer  its surrounding electronic components, etc., providing customers with diversified heat dissipation solutions. The company's cooling materials come  the technology  formula of the United States  Taiwan, with strong R & D capabilities, can meet the requirements of customers for different levels of cooling products,  has advanced die-cutting  molding equipment in the industry, which can cut  shape products according to customers' various needs. The company has more than ten years of experience in the industry, has passed ISO9001, 14001  other management systems, all products have obtained industry certification, in line with the EU environmental protection requirements,  has a third-party testing agency certification. At present, the main products are heat-conducting phase change materials, heat-conducting silica gel sheets, heat-conducting insulation materials, heat-conducting double-sided adhesive, heat-conducting paste  other products.



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