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What are the reasons for the wide application of thermal conductive silica gel in power supply

2020-01-03 10:39:01

The products made of silica gel are still very popular with the public. After all, they are environmentally friendly, convenient to use,  the price is particularly appropriate. Among them, thermal silicon film is a popular environmental protection product among many silica gel products,  its application area is very wide. Then, what are the reasons for the wide application of thermal silicon film in power supply Some?

1. Good thermal conductivity

You should know that the thermal conductive silica gel is still relatively soft. It can be used as a packing pad in many power tools. It is also because it is relatively soft  convenient to use. In addition, because silica gel is an important raw material, the thermal conductivity of silica gel is relatively good,  its extension performance is very strong, so it will gradually expand after being applied to the gap of some small parts,  the gap will be continuously filled,  naturally it will  lose too much heat, so the electric energy can be well conducted, which is also the main reason for the wide application of silica gel in power supply!

2. Very strong insulation

Since it is used in the power supply, the performance requirements of the materials used are relatively strict, of course, insulation is essential. Many power supplies need to use some gaskets. Only in this way can they be fixed well. But at the same time, the insulation performance of the gasket should be taken into account, so that no leakage will occur in the process of use. Otherwise, it is really dangerous. At this time, silica gel with its own insulating property can play a great role, because its insulating property is processed into silicon film, which can be directly used in the power switch  the connection of some power supplies.

3. Low price

all products that sound big  high are expensive. Some things just look novel, but the price is acceptable to the public. Silica gel is a living example. The cost of the silica gel sheet made with it is very low,  the extremely thin sheet is  always material saving, so the cost of investment is also greatly reduced,  the price will be gradually reduced, which is very good Many people value this advantage  use it in the power supply!

4. Environmental protection  safety

At present, the public still pays great attention to safety  environmental protection. Most of the materials of heat-conducting silica gel sheet are silica gel. In addition to properly adding some environmental glue, it does  need to add too many other ingredients. Therefore, it is very environmental  safe, which is also the reason why heat-conducting silica gel sheet is widely used in power supply.

In the end, what are the reasons for the wide application of heat-conducting silica gel in the power supply? Good heat-conducting performance  strong insulation performance are valued by the majority of users, of course, low price  environmental protection  safety are also to be considered!



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