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How to choose double-sided heat conductive adhesive need to know what characteristics?

2020-01-03 10:24:14

The thermal conductivity of almost all metals is much higher than that of double-sided adhesive. The thermal conductivity of gold, silver copper is between 330-360, that of aluminum is about 200. In fact, the double-sided heat conductive adhesive itself is a good conductor of heat. The function of the double-sided heat conductive adhesive is to solve heat conduction, insulation buffer. Its use is as thin as possible.

Because heat conductive double-sided adhesive is made of acrylic polymer without substrate glass fiber line heat conductive tape. It has high thermal conductivity insulation characteristics, excellent softness, adaptability, self-adhesive high compression ratio, which can help solve the problems of thermal conductivity, insulation buffer at the same time; the double-sided heat-conducting adhesive has a wide range of environmental temperature, has passed various control tests, no pollution, immediate adhesion, insulation, low air release high thermal conductivity.

Heat conductive double-sided adhesive embodies many better functions. Comparatively speaking, heat conductive double-sided adhesive has seen a lot in modern technology, it is also one of the more things used by the majority of users. What's our understanding of this heat conductive double-sided adhesive? In recent years, double-sided heat conductive adhesive material is designed for the heat conduction requirements of equipment, with excellent performance reliability. They are suitable for a variety of environments requirements. There are proper countermeasures for the possible heat conduction problems, which provide powerful help for the high integration of equipment ultra-small ultra-thin.

Heat conductive double-sided adhesive has been more more applied to many products, which improves the reliability of products. Among them, the heat conductive insulation materials are rimmed in the working temperature, so that the materials are more close to the contact surface, at the same time, the ultra-low heat resistance is obtained, the heat transfer is more perfect, so we are choosing When you buy heat conductive double-sided adhesive, look at the quality. Because most of the adhesive on the market is fake, you still need to pay attention to it when you buy it.



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