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Heat conductive double-sided adhesive is the choice of heat dissipation for high-end electronic products!

2020-01-03 10:22:44

Heat conductive double-sided adhesive is composed of acrylic polymer filled with heat conductive ceramic powder organic silica gel adhesive. It has the characteristics of high heat conduction insulation, has softness, compressibility, adaptability strong viscosity. It can adapt to a wide range of temperature, can fill up the uneven surface, can closely firmly fit the heat source device heat sink, can quickly transmit the heat out.

Heat conduction double-sided adhesive has better heat conduction performance than general heat conduction materials, which solves the problem of heat dissipation greatly improves the service life of electronic components. It has become the best choice for many high-end electronic products that need heat conduction! At present, the application of heat conduction double-sided adhesive is mainly based on indoor low-power LED lights, such as: panel lights, strip lights, downlights, bulb lights so on. The bulb lamp is mostly round body, the power is large. It is mostly used in the room, the heat conduction requirement is very high.

Heat conducting double-sided adhesive is pasted between PCB board heat dissipation aluminum of LED lamp. It can be pressed with a little force. The heat conducting effect is more significant than other heat conducting materials, the cost is saved. According to the size of the aluminum substrate, the heat conducting double-sided tape can be cut into a circle of any specification, which has a strong viscosity. A piece of tape can be pasted between the aluminum substrate the heat sink pressed with a little force.

It can effectively replace the thermal conductive silicone grease other mechanical fixation, which is simple fast, greatly improves the production efficiency. In addition, compared with other thermal conductive materials, the effect of thermal conductive double-sided adhesive seems to be more obvious. The use thickness of the thermal conductive double-sided adhesive tape is thin, the thermal impedance is small, so the thermal conductivity is faster, the thermal conductivity effect is more obvious.

Application of heat conductive double-sided adhesive:

1. Fix the heat sink on the encapsulated chip

2. Fix the radiator on the power supply circuit board vehicle control circuit board

3. High efficiency heat conduction acrylic adhesive

4. It can replace hot melt adhesive, screw, fastener other fixing methods



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