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How to solve the problem of heat dissipation?

2020-01-03 10:19:29

     As a mature stable product, thermal conductive silicon film is also widely used in the market, involving a wide range of applications. No matter in communication industry, electronic industry, LED industry, thermal conductive silicon film will be one of the thermal conductive products considered by manufacturers, so thermal conductive silicon film has more advantages than other thermal conductive products. So how to use the thermal conductive silica gel correctly?

At the beginning of product design, thermal conductive silicon film should be added to product structure design. It is required that the heat-conducting silica gel sheet can perfectly solve the heat-conducting problem of the product, fit the product design facilitate the installation.

1. If you choose the heat sink scheme, you can use heat-conducting double-sided adhesive, heat-conducting silicone grease other heat-conducting materials. However, the heat conduction effect of the double-sided heat conduction adhesive is relatively poor; the heat conduction silicone grease does have the ability of shock absorption compression resistance; the light thin heat conduction silicone sheet can be selected, which has better heat conduction heat dissipation effect is convenient for operation.

2. Selection of heat conduction scheme: the development trend of electronic products tends to be increasingly light thin, the former heat conduction mode is mainly the heat sink scheme; with the development of heat conduction technology of electronic products, now it is more inclined to use the structural heat sink mainly composed of metal bracket metal shell; the combination of the two schemes.

3. It is inevitable to combine the thermal conductive silicon film with the protrusion of the components of the thermal radiator on the contact surface when choosing the structural parts for heat dissipation. Try to choose the non thick thermal conductive silica gel sheet when the product design allows.

In a word, in different products different use environments, choose the best heat conduction solution with the best cost performance perfect use of heat conduction silica gel. Good heat-conducting materials, coupled with the correct use method, can make the heat-conducting silica gel sheet perfectly solve the heat conduction heat dissipation problem of the product.



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