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Do you know the application importance of heat conduction in LED lamps?

2020-01-03 10:17:52

With the development of semiconductor luminescent materials, LED lighting has been developed rapidly. However, the heat dissipation of LED has always restricted the large-scale application of lamps, especially the heat dissipation structure of LED lamps the various heat conduction materials used in the heat dissipation of lamps, which generally exist the phenomenon of uneven levels, improper use unreasonable cost performance. How to better solve the heat dissipation of lamps lanterns, in addition to the design of heat dissipation structure, especially the reasonable selection of the joint between the heat conducting materials.

In recent years, through the use of LED lamps experiments, it has been proved that about 80% of the energy of LED lamps under the current technical level is converted into heat energy consumed; in the LED spectrum, except for the infrared band, the rest of the spectrum can be dissipated by radiation. The internal structure of LED light source, small chip size, compact structure, large local heat flow density, heat should be released. The heat produced by LED is the high temperature tube core to the low temperature lamp shell other external environment. In the design of lamps, the heat dissipation channel area of the shell should be increased as much as possible to reduce the thermal resistance LED junction temperature. To reduce thermal resistance, in addition to improving the thermal conductivity of the shell, bracket other heat dissipation materials, it is more important to make their connecting parts fully contacted, to make seamless connection through the heat conduction filling materials, which is the best choice because of their high thermal conductivity.

The heat conducting sheet is a kind of thin solid heat conducting material, which fills the air gap between the heating device the heat sink the metal base. It has certain flexibility, excellent insulation, compressibility, natural viscosity on the surface. It can fill the gap, achieve the heat transfer between the heating part the heat sink, also play the role of insulation, shock absorption, etc., which can meet the miniaturization ultra-thin requirements The design requirements, especially the convenience of its use, are incomparable between thermal conductive silicone grease silica gel. Therefore, the thermal conductive chip will become the thermal conductive material for the development of LED lamps.



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