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Why cant electronic components be separated thermal conductive silica gel?

2020-02-24 13:45:58

Why can't electronic components be separated thermal conductive silica gel? The reason is this!

According to the statistical data, the reliability of electronic components decreases by 10% when the temperature of electronic components increases by 2 degrees, the service life is only 1 / 6 of that when the temperature rises by 50 degrees. Temperature is the most important factor affecting the reliability of equipment. This requires technical measures to limit the temperature rise of chassis components, which is thermal design.

Principles of thermal design:

1. To reduce the heat output, i.e. to better control methods technologies, such as phase-shifting control technology, synchronous rectification technology, etc. in addition, to low-power devices, to reduce the number of heating devices, to increase the width of the thick printed line, to improve the efficiency of the power supply;

2. Strengthen heat dissipation, that is, use conduction, radiation convection technology to transfer heat, but for products with flat appearance, first of all, it is allowed to use more aluminum fins fans for heat dissipation in terms of space, it is allowed to strengthen the design of cold type heat dissipation as a whole, it is allowed to use convection form. The same way of radiation heat dissipation is difficult to achieve in flat space.

So we all thought of using the enclosure to dissipate heat. The advantage is that we should consider adding the fan power supply because of the fan, which will cause more dust no noise caused by the fan.




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