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The change of heat conduction phase is a material with superior heat conduction efficiency

2020-02-21 18:40:09

The initial state is solid. After heating, it can melt become liquid. When the temperature drops, it will return to solid state. Many engineers find it difficult to find such a material. In fact, there is a special branch of the family of heat conducting materials, called heat conducting phase changing materials. a solid to a liquid, then back to a solid, is phase change, so it's called thermal phase change material.

Why do we design the initial state of heat conduction phase change as solid state? There are several reasons. First, in order to facilitate handling transportation, the solid sheet heat conducting gasket can be stacked stored, with protective film on both sides, which is easy to be damaged. But it is convenient for construction, whether it is manual automatic patch, it can be repeated construction, to achieve fine assembly.

The outstanding advantage of the change of thermal conduction phase is of course the thermal conduction effect, because when it becomes liquid, the material can better fill the gap between the heat source the heat sink, the thermal resistance of the liquid is lower, the thermal conduction effect is better. Some people may worry about whether the material will flow out when the heat conduction phase changes the material becomes liquid after heating, because according to their previous experience of using liquid heat conduction materials such as heat conduction paste, most applications will have the phenomenon of heat conduction paste flowing out. In fact, don't worry. Zhaoke has considered this aspect for a long time. It is designed to be thixotropic, that is to say, when the material with heat conduction phase changes into liquid state, its viscosity is relatively high, it will flow overflow by itself, but its heat conduction effect is no worse than that of heat conduction paste.

Another advantage of the material with phase change of heat conduction is that it is very convenient for later maintenance, it will remain like heat conduction paste, it is difficult to clean, because it changes back to solid state at room temperature, so it can be taken down as a whole replaced with another one.




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