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Thickness hardness equipment

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  • Release date:2020-03-17
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一、Product Brief

Soft surface, tear resistant  puncture resistantHigh voltage insulation  low thermal resistance
With certain thermal conductivity 

二、application area

LEDPower battery
network terminalConsumer electronics
Communication equipmentNew energy vehicles
Aerospacedata transmission

三、technical parameter

seriesHQ-A11-S-08Test standard
thickness(mm)0.22±0.2ASTM D374
density(g/cc)1.8ASTM D297
tensile strength (Mpa)30ASTM D412
Elongation rate(%)0.2ASTM D412
hardness(Shore A)85±5ASTM 2240
Sustainable operating temperature(℃)-50 to 200HUIQI METHOD
breakdown voltage(KV)@1mm≥5ASTM D149
Volume resistivity(Ω-cm)1.1x1012 ASTM D257
Flame retardant gradeV-0UL 94
Thermal conductivity(W/m-K)1.8 ASTM D5470

四、Thermal resistance characteristic v.s. pressure (1mm thickness sample as reference)

thermal resistance(℃-in²/W)1.110.970.670.450.43
Compression ratio(%)3%7%11%12%14%

image.png                           image.png

五、Product description

     High efficiency insulation products, at the same time it has thermal conductivity. This series of products is to add the insulating silica gel base material to the heat-conducting material, so as to achieve the effect of both insulation  heat conduction.


Storage validity: 12 months Storage conditions: cool  dry place under normal temperature
Relative humidity: RH < 70%

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