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Heat conductive double-sided adhesive

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  • Release date:2020-03-17
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一、Product Brief

Good temperature resistance, heat conduction  insulation performanceGood dimensional stability, can effectively improve  deal with die cutting  fitting
High viscosity provides excellent adhesion for a wide variety of surfaces 

二、application area

LED lamp beltPower battery
network terminalConsumer electronics
Communication equipmentNew energy vehicles
Aerospacedata transmission

三、technical parameter

seriesA11-06FGA11-08FGA11-10FGTesting standard
base materialFiberglass clothHUIQI METHOD
thickness(mm) D374
Adhesion force(kg/25mm)≥1.2≥1.2≥1.4ASTM D1000
Initial viscosity (ball number)≥1#T4852-2002
breakdown voltage(V)@1mm>3500ASTM D149
Heat retention>120DaysASTM D3654
Heat retention>1HourASTM D3654
Flame retardant gradeV-0UL 94
Thermal conductivity(W/m-K)1.2ASTM D5470


五、Product description

      Heat conductive double-sided adhesive is widely used to bond heat sink to microprocessor  other power consuming semiconductors. These adhesive tapes have strong adhesive strength  small thermal resistance, which can effectively replace grease  mechanical fixation.


Storage validity: 12 months Storage conditions: cool  dry place under normal temperature
Relative humidity: RH < 70%



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