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Thermal conductive silicon sheet

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  • Release date:2020-03-17
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一、Product description

Good thermal conductivity:3.0W/mK,Low thermal resistanceGood insulation
Solid, soft, with natural viscosity 

二、Application area

LEDPower Cell

Network terminal

Consumer Electronics

Communication equipment

New Energy Vehicle
Aerospacedata transmission

三、Technical parameter

SeriesHQ-P300HQ-P350Test Standard
ColorAllVisual inspection
Thickness(mm)0.25-10.0 mmTASTM D374
Density(g/cc)2.6ASTM D297
Thermal volume1 J/g-KASTM C351
Hardness/(Shore C)25ASTM 2240
Sustainable operating temperature(℃)-50 to 200HUIQI METHOD
Volume resistivity7.8X1011Ohm-meterASTM D257
Flame retardant gradeV-0UL 94
Thermal conductivity(W/m-K)3.0 3.5ASTM D5470

四、Thermal Resistance Characteristics V. S. Pressure thickness 1mm sample for reference


Thermal resistance

Compression ratio(%)9%15%22%27%31%


五、Product description 

Thermally conductive silicone sheets fill the air gap between the heating element  the heatsink  metal base,  their flexible, elastic properties allow them to be used to cover very uneven surfaces. Heat is transferred  the separator  the entire PCB to the metal housing  diffusion plate, thus improving the efficiency  service life of the heating electronic component.


Shelf Life: 12 months  

Storage conditions: room temperature, cool  dry place   

Relative humidity:RH<70%