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  • Release date:2020-03-17
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一、Product Brief

Paste interface material with good thermal conductivity   Good thixotropy, easy to operate
Good extrusion resistance  long-term use reliability

二、application area

LEDPower battery
CPU Consumer electronics
Communication equipmentNew energy vehicles
Aerospacenetwork terminal

三、technical parameter

seriesHQ-G20Test standard
componentMetal oxide silicone oilHUIQI METHOD
density (g/cc)2.5 ASTM D297
Volatilization rate(24H@200℃)%<1.0HUIQI METHOD
Oil leakage rate(24H@150℃)%<0.05HUIQI METHOD
Sustainable operating temperature(℃)-50 to 200HUIQI METHOD
Viscosity(K cps@25℃)1800Brookfield RVF,#7
Thermal impedance0.050℃-in²/W  @ 50 psiASTM D5470
Thermal conductivity(W/m-K)1.8 ASTM D5470

四、Product description

     The product is a paste like efficient heat dissipation product, which is filled between the electronic components  the heat sink. It can fully wet the contact surface, thus forming a very low thermal resistance interface. The heat dissipation efficiency is much better than other heat dissipation products.


1、Before application: the radiator parts must be cleaned,  then silicon grease  installation shall be applied immediately to avoid oxidation of the device surface. It is suggested that the silicone grease placed for a long time should be stirred before use;
2、When applying: the thinner the silicone grease is under the condition of full application, the better to completely cover the surface of the device; if the extruded silicone grease is wiped, it should be sealed for future use after each use;
3、If there is settlement, it can be stirred evenly  can still be used.


Storage validity: 12 monthsStorage conditions: cool  dry place under normal temperature
Relative humidity: RH < 70%

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