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Huiqi will teach you four points, let you choose a good thermal conductive silica gel sheet!

2020-02-21 18:46:14

For most people, the heat-conducting silica gel sheet has a very strong sealing ability. What a big risk, as long as you can fill it with thermal conductive silica gel, it's too big a problem. Thermal conductive silicon film can only fill gaps, but also play an important role in insulation, shock absorption sealing. At that time, the silicon film can meet the design requirements of some small equipment ultra-thin, which is a very good filling material with good technology practicability. So how to choose thermal conductive silicon film?

1. See thermal conductivity:

Thermal conductive silicone film itself has good thermal conductivity. If the import coefficient is good, then the application ability of silicone film is good. In principle theory, the higher the thermal conductivity is, the better, but at the same time, the brand, thickness, size selling price of the imported silicon film should be considered.

2. High viscosity low viscosity:

The choice of thermal conductive silicon film generally depends on whether its viscosity is very good. In general, it is recommended to use heat-conducting silica gel instead of some of the original adhesives, because some double-sided adhesives are usually used to fill the glass gap, which is easy to produce heat-conducting properties, so in general, double-sided adhesives are very good for filling the glass gap. However, although the imported silicon film has a good gap filling ability, the thermal conductive silicon film has a certain natural viscosity, so sometimes the fixation ability is very good, so when gluing glass, you can choose to use the thermal conductive silicon film double-sided adhesive at the same time.


3. Glass fiber :

Because silica gel itself is limited by certain materials, it may be less than 0.5mm in thickness, thermal conductive silica gel sheet below 0.5mm is generally considered as glass fiber. Because the thermal conductivity of the glass fiber itself is too general, this material can play a supporting role in the thermal conductive silicon film, can prevent the thermal conductive silicon film tearing breaking due to its thin thickness, thus affecting the packaging transportation other issues.

4. Can puncture be prevented

For silicon films with high application ability, they are generally reluctant to be pierced by other hard objects during transportation. If the material of the thermal conductive silicone sheet is too weak, it will cause the silicone sheet to be easily pierced by some hard objects during the transportation process, so it will affect the utilization rate of the thermal conductive silicone sheet. In order to prevent the thermal conductive silicone sheet being pierced by other objects, the thermal conductive silicone sheet manufacturer must good materials adopt the most mature technology to make the thermal conductive silicone sheet.




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