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What are the test methods of thermal conductive silicon film?

2020-01-03 10:47:37

      The quality of thermal conductive silicon film is very important for the production of products. Only excellent  outstanding thermal conductive silicon film can meet better requirements. In order to find better materials, we need to master precise measurement methods. Only in this way, can we know exactly whether a material is good  . For the test of thermal conductive silicon film, the final place to settle is thermal conductivity So let's explain today: what are the test methods of thermal conductive silicon film?

1. First of all, what are the methods?

Because the thermal conductivity is the main factor to measure a silicon film, its measurement is the main aspect of our test. What are the test methods? In fact, they can be divided into two kinds, one is the steady-state method  the other is the unsteady-state method. These two methods can be classified more specifically. These two methods have different characteristics according to different requirements, Different choices can be made.

2. What is steady state test

The steady-state test method is a basic  accurate method. Most of the time, this test method exists as a standard. The main methods are plate method, guard plate method, etc. the advantage of using this method is that the corresponding results can be obtained directly,  the cost is relatively small. But because the operation is relatively simple, so many times There are many factors that affect the results, which does  mean that it is  easy to get the correct answer,  with the development of the base number, the accuracy of this method is increasingly  up to the requirements,  the requirements for operation are relatively high, so the experimental results are  satisfactory in many times, there is no way to get effective data. It is also one of his willingness to be replaced gradually.

3. What is unsteady state method

This kind of test method is relative to the former. The most important test method is the transient hot wire method. The application of this method is  long ago. It can be applied because there are many advantages that traditional methods do  have. The first is that the measured data is relatively accurate,  the data can be directly displayed on the computer This is very advanced  easy to use. This method is also widely used. It can  only be applied to heat-conducting silica gel sheets, but more importantly, solid  liquid substances can be measured. Only the data need to be further processed.

Therefore, to summarize the test methods of thermal conductive silicon film mentioned today, it can be divided into two main types. When we choose with all our heart, we can refer to the relevant test data,  make a more appropriate choice according to the specific data.



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